Genesis2 7

Genesis2 7
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jul18,08+Cervical cancer virus latent 20子宮頸癌病毒 潛伏20年 馬可福音Mark3:29-35

3:29 凡褻瀆聖靈的,卻永不得赦免,乃要擔當永遠的罪。”
3:30 這話是因為他們說:“他是被污鬼附著的。”
3:31 當下,耶穌的母親和弟兄來,站在外邊,打發人去叫他。
3:32 有許多人在耶穌周圍坐著,他們就告訴他說:“看哪,你母親和你弟兄在外邊找你。”
3:33 耶穌回答說:“誰是我的母親?誰是我的弟兄?”
3:34 就四面觀看那周圍坐著的人,說:“看哪!我的母親,我的弟兄。
3:35 凡遵行 神旨意的人,就是我的弟兄姐妹和母親了。”
3:28-29 褻瀆聖靈就是故意不斷地拒絕聖靈的工作,即是拒絕神。基督徒有時候會擔心自己犯了褻瀆聖靈的罪,其實不用擔心,因為這種罪顯露不信和不悔改的心態,是屬於魔鬼的。這些宗教領袖控告耶穌褻瀆神,但他們稱耶穌為撒但,才是真正犯褻瀆罪的人!

3:31-35 耶穌的母親是馬利亞(參路1:30-31),祂的弟兄大概就是馬利亞和約瑟在耶穌以後所生的孩子(6:3)。耶穌的家人尚未完全瞭解祂的使命(3:21)。我們屬靈的家庭關係至終比屬世的家庭關係更加重要,更為長久。

3:33-35 神的家歡迎所有的人。耶穌關心祂的母親和兄弟,也關心所有愛祂的人,祂讓每個人都有機會順服神和成為祂的家人,從不偏心。在這個日趨冷漠的世界裡,神家中各成員間溫馨的關懷顯得特別有意義。教會給人的愛心和個別關懷是別的地方找不著的。
But whoever says evil things against the Holy Spirit will never have forgiveness, but the evil he has done will be with him for ever:
Because they said, He has an unclean spirit.
And his mother and brothers came and were outside, and sent for him, requesting to see him.
And a great number were seated round him; and they said to him, See, your mother and your brothers are outside looking for you.
And he said in answer, Who are my mother and my brothers?
And looking round at those who were seated about him, he said, See, my mother and my brothers!
Whoever does God's pleasure, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.
Desecration of the Holy Spirit, is not joking, I have committed such crimes shall not pardon »
3:28-29 intentional desecration of the Holy Spirit is constantly rejected the work of the Holy Spirit, that is, refuse to God. Christians sometimes worried that she committed the crime of desecration of the Holy Spirit, in fact, do not worry, because such crimes do not reveal the letter and not the mentality of repentance, is the devil. These religious leaders against the desecration of God Jesus, but Jesus said to Satan, is the real guilty of blasphemy!

In fact, Jesus on the ground have family, brothers……
3:31-35 Mary is the mother of Jesus (the Senate Road 1:30-31), he is probably the brothers Joseph and Mary in children born after Jesus (6:3). Jesus's family has not yet fully aware of His mission (3:21). Our spiritual family relationship to the end of the world than the family relationship more important and more lasting.

Jesus look at all comply with the will of the people of God are His family, I look at how the people of God? Home »
3:33-35 God's home is open to all people. Jesus he's concerned about his mother and brother, also concerned about all people who love him, he let everyone has the chance to become obedient God and His family, never eccentric. In this increasingly indifferent world, the gods at home among the warm care is particularly meaningful. Church gives people the love and caring individual is looking for other places of不着.

子宮頸癌病毒 潛伏20年






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Cervical cancer virus latent 20

Even if the elderly, women or hair should receive Pap test, cervical cancer away from the threat! Obstetrics and gynecology physicians said that many elderly people simply think that their sex, no sex for a long time, we do not have to accept the smears, but the cervical cancer virus incubation period of up to 10, 20, should remain vigilant.
Doctor said that the vast majority of women over the age of 65 will not take the initiative to accept smears, because the shy, introverted, or busy work, many people think that they are almost no sex life, cervical cancer is the insulator.

Doctors stressed that the "conservative women should not become a victim of cervical cancer," physicians believe that in all cervical patients, aged 60 and above accounted for 20% of patients, many women have "Congyierzhong" concept, to promote Years of Pap smear bottlenecks, cervical cancer vaccine necessary to fight a comprehensive application.

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