Genesis2 7

Genesis2 7
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jul16 ,08青蛙男 易短命The frog-man short-lived +馬可福音Mark 3:15-21

3:15 並給他們權柄趕鬼。
3:16 這十二個人有西門,耶穌又給他起名叫彼得,
3:17 還有西庇太的兒子雅各和雅各的兄弟約翰,又給這兩個人起名叫半尼其,就是雷子的意思,
3:18 又有安得烈、腓力、巴多羅買、馬太、多馬、亞勒腓的兒子雅各,和達太,並奮銳黨的西門,
3:19 還有賣耶穌的加略人猶大。
3:20 耶穌進了一個屋子,眾人又聚集,甚至他連飯也顧不得吃。
3:21 耶穌的親屬聽見,就出來要拉住他,因為他們說他癲狂了。
3:14-15 耶穌為甚麼要揀選十二個人呢?十二這個數目與以色列支派的數目相呼應(參太19:28)。耶穌的信息顯示出舊約和新約的連貫性。有許多人跟隨耶穌,但是這十二個人所接受的是最密集的訓練。在新約其它經卷中,他們的影響力到處可見。

3:18 關於奮銳黨,請參2章附表。

3:21 耶穌給群眾包圍著,甚至連吃飯的時間也沒有。祂的朋友和家人認為祂已瘋了,變成宗教狂熱者,就從拿撒勒來找祂(3:31-32)。他們關心耶穌,可惜看不到祂工作的目的。即使是祂最親密的人,也很遲才明白祂的身分和工作。
And give them the power of driving out evil spirits:
To Simon he gave the second name of Peter;
And to James, the son of Zebedee, and John, the brother of James, he gave the second name of Boanerges, which is, Sons of thunder:
And Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and James, the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus, and Simon the Zealot;
And Judas Iscariot, who was false to him.
And he went into a house. And the people came together again, so that they were not even able to take bread.
And when his friends had news of it, they went out to get him, saying, He is off his head.
12 What is special this figure? » Why should we choose 12 disciples »
3:14-15 Jesus selected 12 individuals Why? » The number 12 the number of sects with Israel echoes (see too 19:28). Jesus shows that the information about the Old Testament and the new coherence. Many people follow Jesus, but the 12 individuals have received the most intensive training. In the new volumes about the other, their influence seen everywhere.

3:18 sharp on the Fen-party, please refer to Chapter 2 of Schedule.

Jesus loves the work, even the relatives also said he crazy. And due to serve you ever been misunderstood »
3:21 surrounded by Jesus to the masses, and even no time to eat. His friends and family that he has been crazy, a religious fanatic, he came from Nazareth (3:31-32). They care about Jesus, but he can not see the purpose. Even if he is the closest person, very late that he's identity and work.

青蛙男 易短命



據統計,體重減輕10公斤,整體死亡率可下降兩成,與糖尿病相關的死亡率可下降三成,因肥胖引起的癌症相關的死亡率下降四成;血壓收縮壓下降10mmHg,舒張壓可下降20mmHg ;糖尿病空腹血糖可下降五成;總膽固醇可下降一成,三酸甘油脂可下降三成。






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The frog-man short-lived
Pants to do on the navel

Pants can only be sent under the navel belly fat men, are visceral abdominal fat, doctors warned that vulnerable to diabetes, may even have shortened the life span. (Information of this photo)

Some people clearly Chen Shui-bian is of thin, there are a Dadu Nan, doctors warned that the pants can only be sent under the navel belly fat men, are visceral abdominal fat, including the liver, pancreas, heart or even have a thick layer Guoshang Fat, vulnerable to diabetes, may even have shortened the life span.
Doctors said, want to live in health and longevity, it is necessary to avoid being overweight, as long as 10% less weight, for example, 80 kg of minus eight kilograms, can reduce disease mortality.

According to statistics, 10 kg weight loss, the overall mortality rate may drop 20%, and diabetes-related mortality can be reduced by 30%, due to obesity caused by cancer-related mortality has declined 40%; systolic blood pressure dropped 10 mmHg, diastolic blood pressure can drop 20 mmHg; diabetes Fasting glucose may drop 50% decline in total cholesterol can be 10%, triglycerides can be reduced by 30%.

Doctors, weight loss clinics often treated male frogs, thin limbs, but a big belly is amazing, from the rear, should be a Shouzi, but from the side, but like a pregnant woman, the whole body is like the super-frog. Doctors said that such patients with body mass index (BMI) is not high, but the body fat rate much higher than normal, because too much stomach, not the length of belt use, they will be under Kuyao on the navel.

In addition, the male frog's liver, pancreas, heart could be wrapped living grease, fat in the liver, vulnerable to heart disease, if the pancreas around the nearby covered with grease, the probability of getting diabetes will increase.

Doctors advise, "Health must be the weight-loss diet control and exercise from the start!" Did not exercise habits, often fresh from the people, must take time in the campaign, and to comply with low-salt, low oil, sugar, Gaoxian principle.

/ Li people


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