Genesis2 7

Genesis2 7
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Oct13,07H5N1變種病毒 可存活人體The H5N1 virus can survive +稱許的眼神THE LOOK OF APPROVAL

Genesis 4:1-5
October - 13
"The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering " -- Genesis 4:4
A young girl scans the crowd till she finds where her parents are sitting. She's out on the basketball court, and she tries to catch their eyes in greeting. Throughout the game she checks again and again for her parents' approval of the way she is playing. The looks go both ways. And when there's approval, both are happy.
We recognize the drama because we've done something similar. We all love the approval others. We long for the smile of a parent, the grin of a friend, the nod from a boss. As transforming people, we also look for God's approval. In today's Scripture reading, which cites some of the early events of human history, we see that God gives his approval to some people and their work.
The Bible tells us that God approves of us and our work when he looks at us and sees Jesus Christ and his work. Because Jesus is God's Son and he completed his saving work for our sake, God the Father approves of us. To experience that approval, we must believe in Jesus and accept his work as ours. Then in a wonderful transformation he takes our work as his.
Tomorrow Christians will worship God in the community of faith. They will present themselves and bring their offerings to him. And they know that when God looks at them, he will see his Son's perfect work and look on them with divine favor.
Lord, look on us with your eyes of love; accept what we bring in Jesus' name. Fill us with joy as we anticipate and experience your approval for Jesus' sake. Amen.
創世記 4:1-5
October - 13
「耶和華看中了亞伯和他的供物。」 創4:4

H5N1變種病毒 可存活人體
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The H5N1 virus can survive human variant
PRC roundup: Recently the Japanese poultry industry impact of bird flu, may make a comeback recently, but adds mutations to the virus. Japan's Tokyo University research team found that the highly toxic avian influenza virus H5N1, a panic - mutation in human body temperature can survive under the pattern.
Smell it is having the H5N1 bird flu virus, the temperature was about survival in the 41 degrees Celsius, the body temperature of birds is the birds, but now panic-H5N1 virus had mutated into a human body temperature, also survive the bad news.
Tokyo Institute of Medicine Kawaoka Yu Yi, "said the H5N1 virus has different patterns with the past, now gradually mutated into, and the human influenza virus similar pattern, we must pay close attention."
The University of Tokyo research team found that the highly toxic H5N1 virus, a variant of amino acids, making the virus's ability to increase the temperature, the upper respiratory tract in humans is about 33 degrees Celsius, particularly in the nasal mucosa more easily hyperplasia, the current H5N1 virus has not caused large in this way, pop, but the virus still strengthening trend continuing concern among all sectors.
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