Genesis2 7

Genesis2 7
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Nov30 ,08寶寶喝母乳 肺部較健康Baby to drink breast milk than healthy lung +馬可福音Mark 15:37-42

15:37 耶穌大聲喊叫,氣就斷了。
15:38 殿裡的幔子從上到下裂為兩半。
15:39 對面站著的百夫長看見耶穌這樣喊叫(註:有古卷沒有“喊叫”二字)斷氣,就說:“這人真是 神的兒子!”
15:40 還有些婦女遠遠地觀看,內中有抹大拉的馬利亞,又有小雅各和約西的母親馬利亞,並有撒羅米,
15:41 就是耶穌在加利利的時候,跟隨他、服事他的那些人,還有同耶穌上耶路撒冷的好些婦女在那裡觀看。
15:42 到了晚上,因為這是預備日,就是安息日的前一日,
15:37 耶穌這聲呼叫,大概就是祂最後所說的話:“父啊!我將我的靈魂交在你手裡。”(參路23:46)

15:38 聖殿的至聖所是神留給自己的地方,前面掛著一幅厚厚的幔幕,象徵滿身罪污的人與聖潔的神隔開,只有大祭司在每年的贖罪日可以進入至聖所一次,為百姓的罪獻祭求赦免。耶穌死時,幔子裂為兩半,表明耶穌為我們的罪受死,替我們打開通往聖潔的神的路。幔子由上而下裂開,表示是神開啟這條路(參來9章)。
And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost.
And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.
And when the centurion, which stood over against him, saw that he so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said, Truly this man was the Son of God.
There were also women looking on afar off: among whom was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the less and of Joses, and Salome;
(Who also, when he was in Galilee, followed him, and ministered unto him;) and many other women which came up with him unto Jerusalem.
And now when the even was come, because it was the preparation, that is, the day before the sabbath,
Jesus died last sentence ... ...
15:37 Jesus calls this voice, he is probably the last words: "Father ah! I will pay my soul in your hands." (Senate Road 23:46)

Jesus die, the veil of the Temple from above to make the split ... ...
15:38 Temple of the Holy God is left to their own place, hanging in front of a thick mantle of the screen, a symbol of those who covered the crime of corruption and separated from the holy God, only the high priest in the Day of Atonement Can enter the Holy of Holies once for the crime of people sacrifice for a pardon. Jesus died, the veil split into two and a half that Jesus died for our Zuishou, for us to open the holy God's way. Top-down split the veil, that God is to open this road (see Chapter 9 years).

寶寶喝母乳 肺部較健康Baby to drink breast milk than healthy lung

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