Genesis2 7

Genesis2 7
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sep29 ,08淋巴癌六症狀燒、腫、癢、汗、咳、瘦Six lymphoma symptoms Burning, swelling, itching, Khan, cough, thin +馬可福音Mark 10:19-22

10:19 誡命你是曉得的:不可殺人,不可姦淫,不可偷盜,不可作假見證,不可虧負人,當孝敬父母。”
10:20 他對耶穌說:“夫子,這一切我從小都遵守了。”
10:21 耶穌看著他,就愛他,對他說:“你還缺少一件,去變賣你所有的,分給窮人,就必有財寶在天上;你還要來跟從我。”
10:22 他聽見這話,臉上就變了色,憂憂愁愁地走了,因為他的產業很多。
10:17-23 這個年輕人想確實知道自己可以得到永生,所以問耶穌他要做些甚麼。他說自己從未犯過耶穌所提的任何一條律法(10:19),也許他甚至遵守了法利賽人自定的規條。耶穌充滿慈愛地向他提出一個要求——變賣所有的,分給窮人。這個要求擊破了這個年輕人的驕傲心態,披露了他的真正動機,也揭示了他不能進入天國的原因——貪愛錢財,金錢顯示了他對自己的成就和努力的自豪感。最諷刺的是,他自認為守了誡命,但是,他這種態度已觸犯了第一條誡命——除了神以外,人不可有別的神(參出20:3)。他不能符合耶穌提出的惟一要求——全心全意地歸向神。這個人來到耶穌那裡要看看自己可以做甚麼;離開時,他就知道自己做不到甚麼。有甚麼障礙使你不能夠把生命交給基督呢?

10:21 雖然耶穌希望這個人變賣所有,把錢分給窮人,但並不是說每一個信徒都要把自己所有的一切賣掉。大部分跟隨耶穌的人都以自己所擁有的去服事別人,但不都是把所有的賣掉。這個故事其實是要告訴我們:不要讓任何我們所擁有或想擁有的東西阻礙我們去跟隨耶穌。我們必須除去一切障礙,全心全意地去事奉耶穌。如果耶穌向你提出要求,你是否能放棄你的房子、汽車、優越的生活、晉升機會?你的反應會顯出你對錢財的態度,顯出錢財究竟是你的僕人,還是你的主人。

10:21 耶穌知道這個人不會跟從祂,但仍然向他表達真摯的愛。愛讓我們嚴厲地勸告別人,不避諱,不隱瞞真理。基督愛我們到一個地步,坦率地對我們說話,為我們死。假如祂表面上愛我們,就會放縱我們做任何事。然而,祂完全地愛我們,則要求我們改變。
Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother.
And he answered and said unto him, Master, all these have I observed from my youth.
Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.
And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved: for he had great possessions.
I have all handed over to the Jesus. I have everything to the Jesus?
10:17-23 the young people know that they really want to get eternal life, Jesus asked why he wanted to do. He said he never committed any of Christ's law (10:19), he may even comply with the Pharisees from the set of rules. Jesus is full of kindness to a request made to him - the sale of all, to the poor. The requirements of the young people break the pride of the state of mind, he revealed the real motive, and he could not reveal the reasons for entering the Kingdom of Heaven - Tan Ai money, money, he showed his pride in the achievements and efforts. The greatest irony is that he observe the commandments, but his attitude has violated the first commandment - apart from God, other people can not have God (the Senate 20:3). He can not only meet the requirements put forward by Jesus - should go to God wholeheartedly. This man came to Jesus to be there to see what they can do; leave, he would know that they can not do anything. What are the obstacles so that you can not bring it to life to Christ?

The sale of all? Really want?
10:21 Although Jesus who wish to sell all of this, the money distributed to the poor, but does not mean that each have their own followers everything sold. Most of the people to follow Christ with their own to serve others, but not all are sold. In fact, this story is to tell us: Do not let any of what we have or want to have anything to prevent us from following Jesus. We must remove all obstacles to wholeheartedly serve Jesus. If you have to Jesus, can you give up your house, car, the superiority of life, promotion opportunities? Your response will show you the money attitude, showing how money is your servant or your master.

"Jesus looked at him, love him," Love is ... ...
10:21 Jesus know that this person will not follow him, but he's sincere expression of love. Let us love sternly advised others did not care, do not hide the truth. Christ loves us to a point where, frankly, in our words, our dead. On the surface, if he loves us, we will license to do anything. However, he loves us completely, it requires us to change.

淋巴癌六症狀燒、腫、癢、汗、咳、瘦Six lymphoma symptoms Burning, swelling, itching, Khan, cough, thin

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